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Instructor   Bianca Brandi

Bianca is the lead vocalist of the renowned Orange County band called "Plumes," alongside our esteemed teacher, Sam. She possesses exceptional skills in composing her original music and exhibits proficiency in various musical instruments, including voice, guitar, piano, ukulele, and bass. Additionally, Bianca actively engages in volunteer work, dedicating a significant portion of her time to local events. Furthermore, she exemplifies commendable dedication by working full-time to provide assistance and support to children with disabilities.


Instructor   Tayler Hinrichsen

Tayler Hinrichsen is a distinguished music educator and performer with eight years of experience teaching at various music conservatories and a rich performing career spanning over 13 years. As a scholarship recipient for violin performance at Cal State University Fullerton’s symphony orchestra, Tayler has played under the guidance of celebrated violinists and served as concertmaster in prestigious youth orchestras. Her performances have graced major venues like Disney Concert Hall and Segerstrom, and she has collaborated with icons such as Marie Osmond and The Eagles. Tayler teaches violin, viola, cello, and beginner piano, specializing in classical music with forays into pop, jazz, and musical theater. Committed to fostering a deep love for music in her students, she aims to provide them with ample performance opportunities while pursuing further educational.


Instructor   Scarlett Lirocchi

Scarlett is a highly accomplished songwriter, boasting an impressive track record of amassing over 1,000,000 plays on Spotify. In addition to her songwriting prowess, she also excels as an instructor, offering lessons in voice, piano, guitar, and ukulele. Demonstrating her commitment to the arts, Scarlett generously volunteers her free time to assist with marketing initiatives for Arts For All. Furthermore, her passion for Italian cuisine is evident as she relishes the delights of this culinary tradition.


Instructor   Sye Sharp

Sye, a dedicated instructor at Danman's Music School since 2017, played a crucial role in the musical journey of Bryce Hansen, founder of Arts For All, by helping him navigate the challenges of his disability through music. With a B.A. in Music and Communications from Regis University and six years of teaching experience, Sye's expertise spans jazz, fusion/funk, and classical music, alongside skills in theory, sight reading, improvisation, and Pro Tools. Beyond teaching, Sye has directed children's musicals and recorded with artists like Dylan Gardner, aiming to transform students into great musicians and aspiring to compose film scores. His diverse talents and dedication make him an integral part of our mission to empower through music.


Instructor   Karen Thantrakul

Karen Thantrakul brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to Arts For All as a versatile music educator. With a Bachelor's degree in Musicology, Karen's dedication to her craft is evident in her dual role as both a part-time music teacher and a public school educator. Her commitment to fostering musical growth in her students is unparalleled, as she skillfully teaches a wide array of instruments including violin, guitar, voice, viola, cello, piano, ukulele, bass, and drums. Karen's approach to teaching is rooted in the belief that music education is a vital tool for personal development, and she is devoted to ensuring each of her students achieves their full potential. Her multifaceted teaching experience makes her a valuable addition to the Arts For All team, where she continues to inspire and nurture the musical talents of her students.


Instructor   Peyton Goss

Peyton possesses a profound expertise in harmony, lending her vocal talents as a backup singer in the esteemed Orange County band, "Light Waves." Her unwavering passion for music and teaching is truly remarkable. Peyton's students are captivated by her vibrant and enthusiastic personality, forming a strong connection with her. Whether it's voice, guitar, ukulele, piano, bass, or songwriting, Peyton is exceptionally well-equipped to guide aspiring musicians in these domains. Her commitment to excellence is unwavering, as she strives not only to impart technical skills but also to cultivate a deep and enduring appreciation for the artistry and allure of music.


Instructor  Lazaro Alberto

Laz is a remarkable individual with a multitude of talents. He wholeheartedly devotes his exceptional singing voice to volunteer at our events, enchanting audiences with his remarkable vocal prowess. Additionally, Laz assumes the crucial responsibility of managing sound production during our concerts, ensuring an immersive and memorable auditory experience for attendees. Furthermore, Laz actively engages in podcasting, hosting shows, and creating content, with a notable contribution to Arts For All. His diverse skill set extends to teaching, where he imparts his expertise in voice, guitar, piano, drums, ukulele, bass, and various other disciplines. Laz's commitment to his craft and his commitment to sharing his knowledge and artistry make him an invaluable asset in our artistic community.


Instructor  Jesse Conlee

Jesse is a highly seasoned musician with extensive experience in playing and teaching an array of instruments, including guitar, drums, bass, ukulele, piano, harmonica, and beyond. Throughout his years as an instructor, Jesse has cultivated a diverse clientele, catering to musicians of varying backgrounds and skill levels. Notably, he has formed a significant bond with Justine Ruiz, another esteemed teacher within our community, as they recently got engaged, forging a harmonious connection both personally and professionally. During his lessons, Jesse strikes a balance between firmness and fun, creating an engaging and enriching learning environment for his students. His wealth of knowledge, combined with his steadfast dedication, positions him as a sought-after musician and mentor within our artistic community.


Instructor  Justine Ruiz

Justine is a compassionate and driven young woman who is wholeheartedly committed to making a difference in the lives of those in need. Her bright future is shaped by her unwavering dedication to becoming a hearing specialist, focusing specifically on children with hearing disabilities. Justine's passion for helping others shines through in her chosen career path, as she aspires to provide support and assistance to those facing hearing challenges. Furthermore, Justine is engaged to Jesse, another esteemed instructor within our community, fostering a beautiful connection both personally and professionally. Musically, Justine showcases her talents across a diverse range of instruments, including guitar, piano, voice, ukulele, bass, vocals, and violin. Her instrumental versatility and vocal abilities allow her to express herself artistically and connect with others through music. Justine's genuine kindness and her commitment to her chosen path make her a remarkable individual, leaving a positive impact on the lives of those she encounters.


Instructor  Alicia Williams

Alicia is a delightful and radiant young woman, whose warm and inviting demeanor never fails to bring a smile to those around her. She exhibits exceptional mastery in the realm of violin, showcasing her expertise with finesse. Moreover, Alicia's musical talents extend to an impressive range of instruments, including guitar, voice, piano, cello, and ukulele, where she demonstrates remarkable proficiency. Her contagious smile, coupled with her unique and spirited attitude, endears her to her students, who hold her in high regard. Notably, Alicia actively participates in multiple bands alongside fellow teachers, creating harmonious collaborations and synergies within our artistic community. Her versatile skills, coupled with her captivating personality, make Alicia an esteemed and cherished member of our musical landscape.


Instructor  Phillip   De Gree

Phillip De Gree is a dedicated and versatile music teacher at Arts For All, whose life has been steeped in music from a very young age, thanks to a rich family heritage of musicians. With a passion for sharing his love of music, Phillip teaches a wide range of instruments, including voice, guitar, cello, piano, and ukulele, among others. Currently, he is furthering his education in college, funded by his commitment to teaching music. Phillip's teaching style is as diverse as his musical talents, focusing on creating a fun and engaging learning environment for his students. His enthusiasm for music is infectious, making each lesson not just educational but a delightful experience for his students. Phillip's dedication to his craft and his students exemplifies the spirit of Arts For All, as he continues to inspire and nurture the next generation of musicians.


Instructor  Ginger Freeman

Ginger follows in the footsteps of her talented older sister, Grace, embarking on her own musical journey. With a wide range of instrumental expertise, Ginger adeptly plays the violin, drums, piano, bass, guitar, ukulele, cello, and showcases her vocal prowess. However, her accomplishments extend beyond music alone, as Ginger is a highly educated individual, having earned a degree in marketing. She harnesses her knowledge and skills in marketing to effectively promote the message and mission of "Arts For All." Ginger's invaluable contributions to this cause are sincerely appreciated, as her efforts help create greater awareness and accessibility to the arts. We extend our gratitude to Ginger for her dedication and commitment to making a positive impact through the power of music and advocacy.


Instructor  Brett Ecklund

Brett is an esteemed virtuoso with an exceptional mastery of the guitar, having dedicated well over 10,000+ hours honing his craft. Throughout his illustrious career, he has shared his expertise with over 4000 students, leaving an indelible impact on aspiring musicians. Brett's musical journey has been marked by his active involvement in numerous bands, where he has contributed to the creation of a vast repertoire of original compositions, numbering in the hundreds. Beyond his musical accomplishments, Brett is also an exceptional father, successfully raising and nurturing nine children throughout his life. His instrumental prowess extends beyond the guitar, encompassing the banjo, ukulele, and mandolin, further showcasing his multifaceted talents. Brett's unwavering dedication to his art, coupled with his remarkable familial commitment, sets him apart as an extraordinary individual who continues to inspire and leave an enduring legacy within the music community.


Instructor  Kaylin Lopez

Kaylin Lopez is a talented and passionate violin music instructor with a deep love for the art of music. With years of experience and dedication to her craft, Kaylin's expertise shines through in her teaching style. Her warm and patient demeanor creates a nurturing environment for her students, fostering their growth and musical development. Kaylin's vibrant personality and innovative teaching techniques inspire her students to reach their full potential, while her keen attention to detail ensures that each student receives personalized guidance.


Instructor  Zoe Zehren

Zoe is a highly accomplished and driven young professional who is currently in the process of forming a band with a talented group of friends. Her instrumental skills are both diverse and impressive, encompassing guitar, bass, ukulele, drums, piano, and banjo, all while showcasing her vocal prowess. In addition to her musical abilities, Zoe's teaching aptitude is exceptional, and she possesses a wealth of aspirations for her career. Her dedication to her craft and her unwavering determination make her an inspiring figure within the music community. With her boundless potential and enthusiasm, Zoe is poised to make a significant impact in the world of music. We cheer her on and eagerly anticipate her future achievements.



Maddy is a remarkable violinist with a specialization in working with children. In addition to her musical talent, she also possesses an exceptional memory and excels in mathematics. Maddy is a local resident of Orange County and brings her unique skill set to her work as a nanny. Her passion for music, combined with her mathematical abilities, allows her to connect with children in a creative and educational way. Maddy's presence in the community enriches the lives of those she interacts with, and her dedication to her craft is truly commendable.


Instructor  Cara Onofrio

Cara is an exuberant and dynamic individual who embodies the essence of a songwriting Rockstar. Her immense talent and dedication have led her to achieve significant milestones, including earning a platinum record and accumulating over 35 million streams on Spotify. Cara's musical journey takes her to various stages across Los Angeles, where she captivates audiences with her electrifying performances. In addition to her remarkable achievements as a musician, she imparts her knowledge and passion as a teacher, offering lessons in guitar, voice, ukulele, piano, bass, drums, and voice in Orange County. Cara's infectious and playful personality adds a touch of whimsy to her interactions, and her unique trait of eating soup with a fork showcases her individuality. She is a true embodiment of creativity and authenticity, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry and inspiring those around her.


Instructor  Kenny O'Connor

Kenny is an intelligent and amiable individual who possesses a wealth of talent. As a music instructor, he adeptly imparts his knowledge in guitar, ukulele, bass, piano, and saxophone to his students. Kenny's cool and composed demeanor fosters strong connections with his students, who greatly appreciate his approachable nature. In addition to his musical pursuits, Kenny is also pursuing a career as an electrical engineer, showcasing his diverse range of interests and aspirations. Outside of his academic and musical pursuits, he finds solace in the exhilarating activities of surfing and snowboarding, embodying a free-spirited and adventurous nature. Kenny's well-rounded personality and dedication to his pursuits make him a valued individual, both as a mentor and a friend.


Instructor  Greg Evans

Greg is an exceptional drummer hailing from Australia, renowned for his remarkable talent and kind-hearted nature. He has been a valued member of the Danman's Music team for over two years, dedicating his expertise to nurturing aspiring musicians. Greg's teaching prowess is evident in the impressive progress made by his students, who excel at an astonishing pace under his guidance. His patient and supportive approach creates a conducive learning environment, allowing students to flourish and reach their full potential. Greg's passion for music and his genuine care for his students make him a cherished and invaluable member of the Danman's Music community.


Instructor  Gigi Keel

Gigi's journey at Danman's Music School is a testament to her exceptional talent and dedication. Once a student herself, she has now transitioned into a teaching role, enriching the lives of her own students as well as contributing to the broader community. Gigi's brilliance shines through her mastery of various instruments, including guitar, voice, ukulele, bass, drums, violin, and flute. It is her delightful personality, however, that truly sets her apart. Her students become deeply attached to her, often expressing a preference for her instruction due to the genuine connection they share. Gigi's charisma and warmth create a supportive learning environment where students thrive and grow. In addition to her musical pursuits, she nurtures a love for science, showcasing her diverse range of interests. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Gigi for her unwavering dedication and for being a constant source of assistance and inspiration to the Danman's Music community.


Instructor  Bryce Hansen

Bryce Hansen, the visionary founder of "Arts For All," possesses awe-inspiring improvisational skills on the piano. His specialization lies in working with children with disabilities, drawing from his own personal experiences. Bryce's unwavering mission is to instill in every child he works with the belief that anything is possible and that the arts are inclusive and accessible to all. Beyond his musical talents, he has mastered the intricate game of chess and also serves as a personal trainer for weightlifting, exemplifying his commitment to physical well-being. His profound love for the ocean is evident, as he finds solace and inspiration in its vastness. Additionally, Bryce has embarked on a personal journey of learning how to sing, fueled by the encouragement and motivation of his fellow teachers, although he acknowledges that it is a process that requires time and dedication. Bryce's multifaceted interests and his dedication to empowering others through the arts make him a truly remarkable individual, leaving a lasting impact on those he encounters.


Instructor  Michael Lucas

Michael is a seasoned veteran in the music industry, with an impressive 13-year tenure performing with "The Flock of 80's." As a soloist, he has garnered extensive experience, captivating audiences at various local hotspots and venues across Orange County. Since the inception of Danman's Music in 1999, Michael has been an integral part of the teaching faculty, sharing his expertise in guitar, drums, bass, ukulele, and voice with aspiring musicians. His outgoing and humorous nature adds an element of joy to his interactions, making him a cherished and influential figure in the music community. Michael's remarkable talent and dedication to his craft continue to inspire and uplift both his students and fellow musicians.


Instructor  mATT bERGERON

Matt Bergeron, a versatile and accomplished music educator at Arts For All, brings a wealth of expertise to his teaching, spanning guitar, bass, piano, ukulele, voice, drums, and theory. With a vibrant presence in the Orange County music scene, Matt not only imparts his musical knowledge to students but also performs as a guitarist in the band Happy Rabbit, captivating audiences across the region. Well-versed and skilled in various instruments, Matt is fondly known as "Lucky," reflecting his enthusiasm for music and his fortunate journey in sharing his passion with aspiring musicians.


Instructor  NEIL LEVIN

Neil Levin, an accomplished and dynamic instructor at Arts For All, offers a comprehensive musical education encompassing guitar, bass, piano, ukulele, voice, drums, and theory. As the talented son of OC Talk Radio's Dawn Kember, Neil's passion for music runs deep. Beyond his teaching role, Neil is a captivating performer, lending his vocals and guitar skills to the band Violet Iris. The group's original compositions and energetic performances have garnered them a devoted following, with a rich calendar of gigs showcasing their exceptional musical talents.


Instructor  Paul Shin

Paul Shin is a versatile musician with a passion for vocals, trombone, and euphonium/baritone, bringing a fresh and enthusiastic approach to music education. Although this marks his first official teaching experience with a music store, Paul has been actively involved in mentoring friends and students at his old high school since 2022. His teaching style is deeply influenced by his own learning experiences in high school, where he took lessons that shaped his understanding and approach to music. Paul is eager to share the joy of music with more students, helping them discover their potential and love for musical expression.

On the performance front, Paul is actively involved in the music scene, participating in two ensembles with the trombone and baritone at Saddleback College, including the Wind Ensemble and the Symphony Orchestra. He also lends his vocal talents to the Saddleback Chamber Singers, showcasing his versatility as a musician.

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