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About "Arts For All" Nonprofit

"Arts For All" is an nonprofit organization devoted to supplying the generations to come with the lifelong gift of expressing themselves through music. For lost kids, we wish to path a direction.  For the youth who are isolated, we provide them with a relaxing social setting. For children with disabilities, we show them how to conquer and that "Arts are For All." The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that children ages eight to 10 spend an average of six hours per day in front of a screen, kids ages 11 to 14 spend an average of nine hours per day in front of a screen. A lot of this lack of social interaction can cause severe anxiety which in most cases leads to depression. The American Society of Composers have done studies that have shown creating can help release emotion, decrease anxiety and improve overall mental health.

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How We Plan To Grow

We have established numerous partnerships with various organizations, businesses, and city council members, expanding our network and strengthening our mission. We remain committed to actively seeking grant opportunities to secure additional funding for our programs. In addition, we are actively planning and organizing more events to raise awareness and support, ranging from small booths at local street fairs to hosting kids' concerts in collaboration with restaurants and businesses. Our marketing efforts, articles, and fundraising initiatives have been gaining significant traction, generating increased interest and support for our cause. We are excited about the progress we have made and the positive impact we are creating in our community.


"Spread The Music Initiative" 

"The Mission To 100"

"Spread The Music Initiative" Is "Arts For All" number one priority for 2023. Our goal for this project is to provide at least 100 new students with a 20 pack of 30 minute lessons each. To reach this goal we will need $72,500 in funding. This mission starts the 1st of the year. Any and all help is appreciated!

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Our Marketing Progress

10/24/22 we acquired our 501(c3) and started acquiring small donations. 12/24/22 we decided to partner full time with Danman's Music for our lesson program. 1/5/22 Stillwater Spirits & Sounds partnered with us, allowing us to host recitals for the students on their stage. 2/10/23 we received a google ads grant for $10,000 a month in ads. 3/8/23 we received a clothing grant with "S&S Activewear." 4/7/23 "The Dana Point Times" wrote an article with a front cover picture for "Arts For All." 4/16/23 we announced are partnership with "The Flora May Foundation." 4/23/23 Anderson Seal provided us with a professional ad campaign video shoot. 4/26/23 our CEO went on a "Digital Success podcast." 4/30/23 we hosted a funding booth with our new partner Lazaro Alberto at the Redo Market in Dana Point with live music. 5/6/23 we did a video shoot of our students/teachers with Planet X's finest Chris Swan & Don Durban. In this video we had Chris Swan and Bianca Brandi volunteer for a 2 hour lesson with 7 of our students playing different instruments as well as an interview with our CEO Bryce Hansen to spread our message. 5/10/23 our CEO went on "The Morning Show" hosted by our partner Laz Alberto. 5/20/23 We partnered with Tommy J on KXFM a worldwide radio show where we had a few of our teachers perform live as well as spread the message of Arts For All. On 7/9/23 Bryce was a guest speaker at the UUFLB and spoke about his experience as a disabled youth and what motivated him to start Arts For All. On 8/1/23 we were invited on OC Talk Radio Show to spread Arts For All's message. On 8/24/23 we held a fundraiser at "The White House" in Anaheim that was part of "The New OC's" reality television show.


How To Apply For Our Free/Discounted Music Lessons/Instruments:

We provide music lessons to all instruments/ages/experiences prioritizing the in-need youth of California. If you or a family member cannot afford music lessons, is disabled or looking for direction in life, then click here to submit an easy application where we will reach out to you and let you know if you apply for our programs provided by our generous donators. 

click here to apply for "free" lessons


Donations Go Towards:

All donations will go directly towards the funding of lessons and instruments through one of our partners, Danman's Music School, in Dana Point California. Our teaching programs are incomparable with the main objective to inspire the children to believe in themselves. We wish to show them that anyone regarding whatever status they fall under can accomplish anything!

click here to donate to kids in need

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Our Founder's Story Bryce Hansen


"During my youth, I faced challenges with physical abilities and felt left out in sports. Despite this, I remained determined and gave my best effort. I was diagnosed with a neurological disease called Charcot Marie Tooth (CMT) at the age of 11 and underwent surgery and physical therapy to help improve my condition. Though I had setbacks, I found solace in gaming and excelled in one particular game. However, as my hands started to experience fatigue and pain, I felt lost and depressed.

Everything changed when I discovered the piano. Despite doubting my abilities, I embraced the instrument and found joy and discipline in playing. Seeking guidance, I enrolled in lessons at Danman's Music with instructor Sye Sharp, who inspired me to explore scales and improvisation. Music became my outlet, saving me from anxiety and regrets.

Learning that many California schools lacked access to arts education, I felt compelled to help others discover the transformative power of music. At 22, I founded Arts For All, a nonprofit organization focused on empowering disadvantaged youth through professional music instruction. With the support of our community and partnerships with local businesses like Danman's Music and Stillwater Spirits & Sounds, we provide discounted lessons and performance opportunities.

We currently serve a family of seven, including three students with disabilities who form their own family band. Their mother expressed gratitude for the positive impact our lessons have had on their lives. Our goal is to provide 100 new students with a 20-week program and the chance to perform in our concerts through the "Spread The Music Initiative."

While we have made progress, we continue to work towards our funding goals. Each day, we are spreading our mission and making a difference in the lives of our students."


Musical Studies Links

Our teaching program's main objective is to inspire the children to believe in themselves. The music lessons provided will be private one on one with the instructor.  Lessons are once a week for 30 minutes, however some hour spots will be available. We will be donating a 4-20 lesson package per student as well as paying for the instrument they are learning if necessary. We have many other incentive programs, such as a ticket currency system. We reward our students for their hard work and they exchange those tickets for various prizes and candies.

How Music Increases Academic Achievement In Students

How Music Helps With Depression

How Music Helps You Focus

How We Do Lessons


How Music Helps Kids With Disabilities


Music is an incredibly powerful tool for kids with disabilities. It helps them to relax, express their emotions, and even boost their cognitive functioning. Music can help to reduce stress, improve coordination, and stimulate the brain. With the help of music, kids can develop a better sense of self-awareness and problem solving skills. Music also provides kids with an outlet to communicate, express themselves, and build social skills. Additionally, music can help to improve motor skills and coordination, which are often impaired in kids with disabilities. Music can provide a positive and peaceful environment for kids to learn, explore, and grow.

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