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Where do donations go?

To paying the teachers for their services, to music schools for their studio space, repairs & instruments , and to local venues for our kids concerts. With a cause that tackles it all helping starving musicians, small businesses and the in-need youth of California.


$40     Will get a student one lesson

$150    Will get a student four lessons

$725     Will get a student twenty lessons

$200    Averaged price of a Guitar

$100    Averaged price of a Ukulele 

$140    Averaged price of an Amp

$600   Averaged price of a Keyboard

$220    Averaged price of a Violin

$240    Averaged price of a Trumpet

$75       Averaged price of a Mic

$1400  Averaged price of a Saxophone

$650    Averaged price of a Drum Kit

$50      Averaged price of Instrument Repair


Thank You For Shaping The Future of Music

Every single donation we receive is dedicated entirely and directly to supporting in-need children throughout California in their pursuit of musical dreams. Your generous contributions enable us to provide teaching, instruments, and all the necessary tools to empower these children to explore the world of music. With your support, we can make a lasting impact on their lives and help them unlock their full potential. Together, let's make a difference and bring the joy of music to those who need it most.

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