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Our Extraordinary Board of Directors

Bryce Hansen

Founder & CEO of Arts For All


Bryce Hansen's journey through life has been shaped by his unyielding determination to rise above limitations and empower others. With a diverse employment history ranging from video recording and editing to salesmanship, Bryce's experiences have cultivated resilience, adaptability, and a strong work ethic. As the Store Manager at Dana Point Music, his role extends beyond sales and management to teaching various instruments, embodying his commitment to fostering musical growth. Through overcoming his own degenerative neurological condition, Charcot Marie Tooth, Bryce found solace and empowerment in music, becoming an accomplished pianist. This personal journey culminated in the establishment of Arts For All, a non-profit he founded in October 2022, aimed at inspiring disadvantaged youth through professional music instruction. Under his leadership, Arts For All has rapidly evolved, partnering with local businesses like Danman's Music and Stillwater Spirits & Sounds, expanding access to music education, and fostering transformative experiences for young individuals. Bryce's drive to break barriers, coupled with his passion for music's transformative power, defines his journey of turning adversity into inspiration and creating pathways for others to discover their own potential.

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Michelle Thelander

Treasurer of Arts For All

Michelle Thelander brings a wealth of educational leadership and financial expertise to Arts For All in her role as the Treasurer. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Spanish, along with teaching credentials and a Masters in Educational Leadership, Michelle's educational journey has been marked by a strong commitment to both learning and effective leadership. With a deep background in child services, she has served in numerous capacities, from being a Technology Specialist to a Director of Curriculum and Instruction.

Michelle's most notable achievement has been her co-founding of E.L. Achieve, where she currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer. Her financial acumen and strategic planning skills have been instrumental in the growth of the organization. She has consistently demonstrated her commitment to education, evident through her involvement in various associations, her certifications, and her extensive experience as a leader in educational programs and curriculum development. As Treasurer of Arts For All, Michelle's financial expertise and dedication to educational empowerment promise to contribute significantly to the organization's mission of providing access to music instruction to disadvantaged youth.



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Debbie Hansen

Chief Operating Officer of Arts For All


Debbie Hansen, an accomplished leader in child services, has assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer at Arts For All. She is renowned as the Founder and CEO of The Flora May Foundation, a non-profit organization that has transformed the lives of families in need. Under her visionary leadership, the foundation has been awarded the prestigious Outstanding Non-Profit of the Year by the American Business Association and recognized for her exceptional contributions in the non-profit sector, making her a Thought Leader and Woman of the Year. Debbie's success story revolves around assembling a dynamic all-women Board of Directors and harnessing their expertise to secure grants, partnerships, and fundraisers, which propelled The Flora May Foundation's philanthropic mission.

With an impressive background in strategic sales and marketing, Debbie possesses a remarkable skill set that encompasses leadership, fundraising, and charity governance. She has continuously demonstrated her commitment to social welfare, volunteering with organizations like Special Olympics and CHOC Children's, where she facilitated vital connections between charities and corporations. Her passion for community empowerment and strong organizational leadership makes her an asset to Arts For All, where her extensive experience and unyielding dedication will surely contribute to the organization's ongoing mission.


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Zoe Zehren

Chief Marketing Officer of Arts For All

We are delighted to introduce Zoe Zehren, our newly appointed Chief Marketing Officer at Arts For All. Zoe brings a wealth of experience and passion for innovative marketing strategies, perfectly complementing our mission to empower underprivileged youth through music education.

Zoe's journey has been marked by creativity and a commitment to making a positive impact. A Marquette University graduate with a degree in Advertising and Digital Media, she has excelled in various roles, showcasing her skills in social media marketing, digital strategy, content creation, and media production. Her expertise extends to the realm of political media strategy, adding depth to her professional profile.

Zoe's influence extends to the entertainment industry, where she serves as a co-host and segment creative for ESPN's "Slippery Stairs" on the Ocho Channel. With an audience of over 18 million viewers worldwide, she conducts on-air interviews, creates engaging content, and leads social media trends.

Beyond her marketing prowess, Zoe's dedication to music education is remarkable. She is a proficient music teacher, offering lessons in guitar, voice (with classical training), bass, ukulele, piano, and drums. Her versatile musical background enriches our commitment to providing holistic music education to our students.

Zoe's combination of marketing excellence and musical prowess makes her an invaluable addition to our team. As Arts For All continues to create positive change, we are excited to have Zoe on board, driving our mission forward.



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