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100% of the funding goes directly to the cause
(not a single board member receives a salary)

Teacher Giving Guitar Lessons

We provide one on one music instruction to underprivileged youth in south Orange County, CA.  Arts for All is an entirely Gen-Z run 501C nonprofit organization. 

Music is therapy for the soul.

Arts for All - Earth With Out Art is Just Eh 

Professional Music Instruction

Meet the students and their volunteer  teachers!


- Music Theory

-Piano, guitar, voice, violin, drums, bass, cello

- On stage performance opportunities once a month with a full band 

- After completing 20 lessons we gift students their own instrument

   for FREE 

Voice Lessons

Drum Lessons

Licensed Instructors

Guitar Lessons

Cello Lessons

Trumpet Lessons

Bass Lessons

Band Camps

Violin Lessons

Songwriting Lessons

Trombone Lessons

Viola Lessons

Saxophone Lessons

Harmonica Lessons

Ukulele Lessons


Our Story

Get to Know Us

Meet our founder, Bryce Hansen.  Learn about why he started Arts for All and continues to support the community for helping the youth explore music at an affordable cost.  We believe everyone should be given the opportunity to express themselves through music.


Why Donate to Us?

1.     100% of the funding goes directly to the cause. (Not a single board member receives a salary)

2.     Our founder, disabled at birth, pairs each student with a teacher most suitable for there "needs"

3.     Our partnered schools have a 1 on 1 teacher connection with their students, providing them with tailored music lessons, performances, and friendships

Give the gift of music.

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Music Performance

Change a child's life

The $98 Club

You will be funding one students weekly music lessons for only $98 a month!

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