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Why Donate to Us?

1.     100% of the funding goes directly to he cause. (Not a single board member receives a salary)

2.     Our founder, disabled at birth, pairs each student with a teacher most suitable for there "needs"

3.     Our partnered schools have a 1 on 1 teacher connection with their students, providing them with tailored music lessons, performances, and friendships

"Aiming to create positive change in our communities by empowering disadvantaged youth with access to professional music instruction."


Our Recital Program

At Stillwater Spirits & Sounds in Dana Point, our students have the incredible opportunity to showcase their musical talents live on stage as part of our recital program. They perform the songs they have been diligently learning alongside their teachers, family, and friends. This supportive and safe social environment allows our students to gain confidence and share their musical achievements with an appreciative audience.

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