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"Aiming to create positive change in our communities by empowering disadvantaged youth with access to professional music instruction."


Our Goal For 2023

In 2023, our mission is to support 100 new students in pursuing their dreams in music by covering their tuition expenses. Each student will receive a 20-lesson package, customized to fit their preferred schedule, which typically costs around $725. Additionally, we will provide funding of up to $300 towards the instrument they are learning.

To achieve this goal, we will actively seek grants, organize events, and sell donated merchandise. All proceeds generated from these efforts will be directed towards supporting students in need. Our aim is to make music education accessible and provide opportunities for aspiring musicians to thrive.

Our students receive tickets for their hard work. They can then trade in those tickets for various prizes and candies. It incentivizes them to continuously practice at home in

Our Recital Program

At Stillwater Spirits & Sounds in Dana Point, our students have the incredible opportunity to showcase their musical talents live on stage as part of our recital program. They perform the songs they have been diligently learning alongside their teachers, family, and friends. This supportive and safe social environment allows our students to gain confidence and share their musical achievements with an appreciative audience.

Danman's Lesson Program

We are proud to partner with Danman's Music, a local school in Dana Point, to provide our music instruction. Our lessons are conducted on a weekly basis, with each session lasting 30 minutes and featuring one-on-one private instruction with our talented instructors. Danman's Music stands out for its exceptional professionalism and unique focus on fostering fun and creativity in their programs. Thanks to the generosity of Dan Lefler, Arts For All students receive a discounted rate through their store. This partnership enables us to accommodate more students and lessons within our available funding, furthering our mission of making music education accessible to all.

How We Plan To Grow


We have established numerous partnerships with various organizations, businesses, and city council members, expanding our network and strengthening our mission. We remain committed to actively seeking grant opportunities to secure additional funding for our programs. In addition, we are actively planning and organizing more events to raise awareness and support, ranging from small booths at local street fairs to hosting kids' concerts in collaboration with restaurants and businesses. Our marketing efforts, articles, and fundraising initiatives have been gaining significant traction, generating increased interest and support for our cause. We are excited about the progress we have made and the positive impact we are creating in our community. To find out more click here.

Saving you money on any of your monthly bills! 

Arts For All will receive donations for every bill uploaded. 


All donations we receive are allocated directly towards funding instruments, studio space, professional instructors, as well as merchandise and marketing efforts aimed at acquiring additional funding. We ensure that every dollar contributed is utilized efficiently and effectively to support our mission of providing access to music education for all. Your generosity directly translates into tangible resources and opportunities for aspiring musicians in need. If you would like to donate to our cause you can click here.

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